For architects

We will develop a technically sound statement of work and will provide you with a project schedule to reflect your purchase order, including a customized factory plan and detailed drawings.


For builders

Are you planning to build or renovate an existing building? Menck Fenster has the right solution for your every need! From modern designs to historical monument protection – we are happy to help!


Reference projects

See our capabilities for yourself! Review completed construction projects and be inspired by the impact of an aesthetic facade.



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About Menck Windows

Our company has been producing premium quality products for more than 130 years. We are a one stop service provider - from the request phase to a detailed documentation of construction, followed by high-quality production and installation by our own installation crews.

You will benefit from our many years of window making experience and our certified products, which are scrutinized continuously by our quality control processes, and are always state of the art, due to our research & development.

Menck windows – a secure feeling, guaranteed!

3D-profile view


New: 3D profile view

Discover the broad range of Menck Windows with the new 3D profile view – with valuable information about details, such as spacers and trim seals, to name but a few.

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High heating-costs?

Those who received their utilities statement in recent weeks may have had to reach deep into their pockets. But there is way to get your arms around these unwanted expenses:

The garage is opened at the click of a button. This is the same for car doors, side windows and the retractable roof. The in-home TV is turned on with a remote control, as is the DVD player, etc., etc., etc. …